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15 Penny-Pinching Tips From Celebrities


3. Do not overspend

Wealthy people have tons of disposable money. However, there are some rich folks, who do not like to waste their money.  Warren Buffet has $63 billion as his estimated net worth, still he lives in a modest house in Omaha, Neb., that cost him only $31,500. And, his favorite dish is not expensive or fancy, it’s only a cheeseburger. Another billionaire who spends his money wisely is Ingvar Kamprad, the IKEA founder. “We don’t need flashy cars, impressive titles, uniforms or other status symbols. We rely on our strength and our will,”Kamprad wrote in his memoir. He prefers to fly in economy class instead of a private jet and eats Swedish meatballs at his store instead of dining in a fancy restaurant.