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15 Celebrity Credit Mistakes You Should Never Make

Celebrities from all over have made their honest money doing whatever it is that they do. However, many of them might have a lot of money, it is those that know how to save and grow their money that make it to the top and are able to stay there. Many of those celebrities do not think about just how fast their money can go and are not careful with what they do with it. Here are some mistakes celebrities have made with their money and credit, that we can learn from.


Not Getting a Prenuptial 

Katy Perry showed us just what not to do when it comes to getting married. When you’re married, it is like two people become one. You share everything, credit, money, the house, the kids, the cars and everything in between. This also means sharing half of anything that you earned. While Brand was a nice guy, and didn’t pursue her assets during their divocre, Katy was very lucky to have it end well.