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15 Credit Cards with the Best Rewards

Credit cards can be helpful when you have some items to purchase but you have not gotten paid yet. They can also be beneficial when trying to boost your credit score. If you purchase a small item on the card and then make sure to pay it back on time, you’re able to gain additional points on your credit score. Using credit cards for purchases means you can also get some perks depending on the credit card company. This list shares the card with the best perks.


Citi Double Cash Card

Get no fee, no hassle and all rewards each time you decide to make a purchase. Get 1% cash back on each of the purchases that you make and then 1% each time you pay the amount off. Get 15 months interest free when you sign up with the card. Then after the grace period, interest rates amounts aren’t that bad at 12.99-22.99% depending on your credit.