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15 Outrageous Celeb Purchases

Celebrities are not always frugal with their money. Many of them might not even know how to save it. Some of them are high, lavish and luxury spenders. They enjoy spending on those larger pleasures in life. When money is not a problem, why not splurge? However, when does splurging become too much? Which purchases are thought of as outrageous and who purchased them?

Celebrities are known for those lavish purchases, and we have the proof to show exactly what they purchased, and just how outrageous having all that money can be when you hit the stores.


Angelina Jolie

We all say that money cannot buy happiness, but what if it is for your significant other? Angelina Jolie shelled out $1 million to purchase a private helicopter for her beau Brad Pitt. Although some think that this was purchased to bring around her six children, this is not the case. The luxury copter is specifically Brad’s and what he wants to use it for.