10 Reasons Not to Use Credit to Pay for Late Credit Payments


Using your credit card is a fun thing to do since it opens you up to purchase any and all of the items you’d love to have. However, it can get you into trouble if you use the cards too much and have a hard time paying the amount you put on them back. You do not want to find yourself in this type of situation. You want to find yourself free of this, and making sure that you’re able to be responsible with your cards. One thing you should never, ever do though; is to pay your credit card payments with other credit.


Pay Back More

When you use credit to pay for credit, you might not think you’re paying more in the long run to do this since you’re paying one of them off but you are paying much more in interest to both parties. You want to save yourself the trouble of overspending all of this hard earned money and just pay your credit debt off with cash.