10 Credit Problems Your Parents Should Have Warned You About


Credit is something that everyone has, whether it is good or bad. It is something that should be good in order to get you many different things throughout life such as a new car, mortgage on a home or even credit cards. Not everyone has good credit though, and sometimes people wish their parents would have warned them about some of the mistakes or problems that they found out for themselves. When you listen to the credit tips you’re given, and use them wisely; you might be able to build that credit and use it to your advantage in the future.


Always Utilize 20% of Your Credit

Do not go over your 20% utilization for the credit that you have. When you’re over this amount, you will find that your credit score goes lower. It is also more difficult to pay the amount of debt back due to the high interest fees that are associated with the credit cards that you have. Using less on a card is the best way to go. Small purchases here and there, and paying them off within the month can help your credit overall.