15 Facts About Bill Gates House


Bill Gates is currently the richest person in the whole world. Not just like the richest person in all the Washington state or even the United States, he’s the richest person… in the world. His net worth is over $81.1 billion and he’s known for being the co-founder of the world’s largest PC software company, Microsoft.

So, in theory, if you have the most money in the world plus one of the largest companies… the next natural guess would be his house has to be amazing. And the theory is right.

Here are 15 Facts about Bill Gates House.



Credit Terminology 101


In school we were always taught that knowledge is power. Now, in the real world… knowledge really is power. It’s essential for all people that have money, over the age of 18, to have a basic understanding about what’s going on in your wallet and with your bank or credit union. Don’t keep falling for advertising tips and tricks and dig yourself into a hole. Know what’s right and what’s wrong from the start.

When it comes to you and your financial comprehension, how much do you really know? Let’s take a stroll and talk about Credit Terminology 101.

15 Things You Need To Know Before You Pick A Credit Card


Having a healthy financial life can make it easy to navigate the world of credit. But, actually having a good credit card is a great support to the financial portfolio.

So, how does someone find out what makes a good credit card for them? How do you even know what questions to ask? What do you spend the most on? What’s an APR? What the fees and penalties are that come with the card? Rewards points? What?

Basically, there’s a lot of information to know in picking out the perfect credit card for you. Here are 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Pick a Credit Card.

What is Credit and How do I get it?


Whether you just turned 18 or have been a business professional of 20 years, it is critical to know what credit is and how to get it. But, a lot of people over the age of 20 have a credit card and probably have no idea what they just walked into. Probably won’t realize where they went wrong until it’s time to get a loan and buy a house or a car. Then the light bulb comes on and they didn’t even know they have had credit for the past 10 years.

So, let’s rewind a few years and learn: What is Credit and How do I get it?

15 Celebs Who Bought Extravagant Homes


Back in the day, when MTV was still playing music videos and artist were still making music videos – we were obsessed with the hit show MTV Cribs. Getting that sneak peak into our celebrities homes, checking out all the cool stuff they have and we wish we could have – that was the life. The indoor amenities – walk-in closets the size of a studio apartment in LA, kitchens with massive refrigerators and cabinet space for 30 guests – all of that. Can’t forget the home theaters, basketball courts, recording studios, and everything else that money can buy.

Here are 15 Celebs Who Bought Extravagant Homes

15 Credit Mistakes People Make Everyday


Everyone makes mistakes. A big mistake a lot of my friends made was getting a free t-shirt when they signed up for a credit card. The mistake wasn’t in getting the t-shirt, the mistake was getting a credit card they had no idea how to use. Swiping it for pizza. Swiping it to pay for beer. Swiping it to pay for those new shoes that we never need, but get anyway. College students barely get to class and turn assignments in on time, let alone make a bill payment on time.

Doesn’t matter if you attended college, everyone will still make huge mistakes when it comes to credit cards. Here’s 15 Credit Mistakes People Make Everyday!

15 Ways To Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy


Fact: Filing for bankruptcy is going to destroy your credit score (for the moment). Lenders rely on credit scores to make decisions on whether or not they should loan you money. And bankruptcy raises flags and alerts lenders that this is someone who may not be able to pay this back.

Fact: It is possibly to rebuild your credit score. It’s true. Bankruptcy gives people a chance to start fresh again. It’s a learning experience and you get a chance to learn how to do it from scratch. Here’s 15 Ways to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy.

Ways to Avoid Paying Interest


If only avoiding debt could be easy. How often do you find yourself, out with friends and without cash? Or at work, starving because you left your lunch at home. These things happen to the best of us. But, we are very quick to pull out the credit card and start swiping for extravagant lunches and dinners. Oops.

Anyone who owns a credit card knows about the terrible beast named interest. This beast can add up quickly and become expensive, without you ever noticing. But, there are different tips and trick to taming this beast.

Learn Ways to Avoid Paying Interest!

15 Companies That Could Have A Great 2015

Stocks are a wise investment. Anyone can invest and if done correctly expect a great return on your money.  Not many people know which stocks to invest in. By gaining the investment and stock knowledge needed to wisely place your money, you have the potential of making even more money.


Boeing is a well known plane company. They make and sell different airplanes and can ship them all over the world. They have private jets, commercials planes and so on. With their newest innovations making them more comfortable, enjoyable and safer for all that ride; they are expected to increase their earnings in the coming years.

15 Celebrities Who Invest Well

Investing is a big thing. When you have a lot of money investing might seem like an ideal thing to do. With the right investments, you can make your money go much further. Some celebrities might have taken big chanciness and lost it all. Others seem to be able to put their money into the best investments possible. With these investments, the finical gain is the limit. Here are 15 celebrities that know how to invest their money wisely.


Justin Timberlake has been known to dabble in the investment world. He gave around $35 million to MySpace, clothing brand, golf course, restaurants, the Memphis Grizzlies and even started a record company. He also is a part of the Disney acquired app maker known as Tapulous.