15 Celebs Who Shop At Discount Stores


In the world of the super rich, where we hear about all the extravagant trips and lifestyles of celebrities, sometimes we forget that they shop at discount places as well. And we probably don’t think celebrities would shop at the local Target, Kmart, or thrift stores… but, they definitely do. Some of these celebs like to roll incognito, dressed so far down they don’t think they will be spotted. They just want to be a regular person that shops, but still get $10 million for a film… yeah, right! While some of these celebs can’t help but to turn a few heads and start the picture snapping.

Here are 15 Celebs Who Shop At Discount Stores!

5 Ways To Make Up For Past Credit Mistakes


At one point in time we did something stupid with our credit cards that probably messed us up… big time. Like a lady that I once work with, would use her credit cards to pay for everything while she was in college. By the end of her degree, she had $20,000 in debt and basically wanted to get another credit card to cover her for those couple years after college. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a bit more common than we think. Years later she figured out how to get herself out of these mounds of debt, just educating herself and following some basic rules.

Here’s 5 Ways To Make Up For Past Credit Mistakes.

Hackers Reveal Credit Reports of 17 Major Celebs and Politicians


Your credit report – there are tons of people who have no idea what a credit report is, nor have they ever pulled one. Within every credit report is an abundance of information that is super personal and private. Basically, even your closest friends or siblings may not even know this information about you.

So, for those who are following the story of the hacker leaking the credit report of some pretty powerful people on the site called The Secret Files, you know the impact this could have on their personal lives. So, here’s more about the Hacker Revealing The Credit Reports Of 17 major Celebs And Politicians.

15 Teen Celebrities That Make More Than You

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Backstage And Audience

Every couple years, a new group of young celebrities emerge in Hollywood, bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to work. And when these teens start to make a name for themselves, the jobs start to roll in. They land some pretty awesome gigs, including: commercials, shows on Disney or Nickelodeon, even in the world of music. Oh, and when they get these gig, they really begin to stack up the cash… probably more cash than you do.. And with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus being clear out of their teenage years, it’s time to recognize, 15 Teen Celebrities That Make More Money Than You!

15 Celebrities With Crazy Spending Habits


Celebrity spending habits… something that fans are always interested to watch and see on the news and sports outlets. We might watch our favorite entertains spoiling each other with the richest and most extravagant gifts for all sorts of birthdays and holidays. Or we could watch them spend money that they don’t have and don’t know how they will get it back either, on a random weekend with the crew. And within a few years from all that… file for bankruptcy. All celebrities need to beware of their spending habits, even the highest of highest can wind up the lowest of the low.

Here’s 15 Celebrities With Crazy Spending Habits.

5 Mistakes People Make When Disputing Credit Report Errors


Errors happen. They happen everywhere in life. At restaurants, the local coffee shop, pizza shop – they happen. So, before we lose our minds over some company trying to do you wrong or mess you up, take a step back and realize these things happen. And even though some of these errors can be quite costly to your credit report, it’s important to know what to do and what not to do in order to fix it.

Now, it’s up to you to not make these – 5 Mistakes People Make When Disputing Credit Report Errors.

15 Benefits of Good Credit


Some people have good (or bad) credit and quite possibly don’t even know. If you have no idea what your credit report is, stop right now – and get a free copy of your credit report online. But, a good way to gauge if you have good credit is: you pay your bills on time every time, you pay your credit card balance each month, you know your spending habits, etc. Awesome! Well, the benefits and rewards to having good credit seem almost endless – better rates, negotiating power, etc.

So, if you are currently rebuilding your credit, you have something to look forward to. Here are 15 Benefits of Good Credit.

15 Bankrupt Celebs


It’s always fascinating to see these huge paychecks that celebrities receive. Hundreds of thousands of dollars or multi million-dollar movie or athletic contracts, sound like a dream to the average person. But, they buy the house or houses, cars, pools, yachts, everything extravagant. What’s even more mind-boggling is how they end up with all this debt that they can’t pay off and wind up filing bankruptcy. And some of these celebs file bankruptcy not once, but twice?!?!

I don’t even know how that happens, but there is so much to learn about handling finances from all of these celebs. Here’s 15 Bankrupt Celebs.



MC Hammer

We remember MC Hammer and his flashy dance moves thrusting while wearing his signature hammer pants to the hit songs, U Can’t Touch This and 2 legit 2 Quit. But, it’s no secret that Hammer had his fair share of money and legal issues. He filed bankruptcy in 1996 for being $13 million in debt. But, in 2014 Hammer reportedly owed the IRS over $1.4 million in back taxes from 1996 and 1997.

15 Apps That Monitor Your Credit and Your Budget

business meeting

Whether you are riding the high wave with a great credit score or just sticking your feet in the water and learning about credit, it’s definitely a great idea to learn how to track your credit. And since most people have no idea what a credit report is, or a credit score, FICO score, credit utilization ratio, or basically anything dealing with credit or finances – it might be a good idea to have an app or an online resource that will help you out. Each of these items listed hold different aspects of building credit important – learn what’s important to you.

Here are 15 Ways To Track Your Credit and Budget

Tips For Starting A Small Business


There’s a little bit of an entrepreneur in each of us or at least I believe there is. Whether you got it from being tired of working in the corporate world or maybe you have been out of work and the easy solution is to go after that business you’ve always dreamed of – there’s something that we have always wanted to do. Maybe it’s the stay-at-home mom that wants to open her own daycare or consulting businesses on how to use social media. Go for it.

But, before you leap – Here are a few Tips for Starting a Small Business.