5 Benefits Of Using A Credit Union!


Everyday you turn on the tv or radio, there’s probably a commercial about some bank or credit card and once in a blue moon, you might hear a commercial about a credit union. A what? Many people automatically assume that credit unions don’t have the capabilities to do what a larger financial institution like a bank can. Then they wind up thinking that there’s no point into investigating what credit unions are about and could be missing out on some good savings and beneficial information. Well, don’t miss out this time… Here are 5 Benefits Of Using A Credit Union.

6 Credit Mistakes Even Those With AMAZING Scores Can Make


When you have an amazing credit score, life looks pretty awesome – getting a good rate on a new line of credit or getting a new apartment would be incredibly simple. So, why not just relax and not be as proactive as you were while you were establishing credit? Because this could be one of the biggest mistakes that people with amazing credit can do and before you know it, you are trying to rebuild your score again. . Especially since it does not take as long to ruin a good score. Well, here are 6 Credit Mistakes Even Those With Amazing Credit Make.

Healthy Credit Now What? 5 Steps To Keeping Good Credit


Having a good credit score has many perks and benefits, including saving money by having lower interest rates when you apply for lines of credit. Your score weighs in on whether or not you pay for security deposits while turning on your utilities. Many factors will have an affect on your credit score, including: your payment history, how much total debt you have, length of credit history, your credit mix, and new credit. Knowing what goes into having a good credit score could make the difference between having poor, good, and excellent credit. Fortunately you have healthy credit. Here are 5 Steps To Keeping Good Credit.

7 Ways To Improve Your Credit In 6 Months


Your credit score is one of the most important numbers of your life. This three-digit number will determine many almost everything that happens to your financial life including: how much interest you pay on loans, credit cards, and whether or not you get an apartment. So, having a high credit score actually means something and most people probably wouldn’t even admit their real credit score. But, before you get all embarrassed about your credit score, there are many ways to get your credit score together… and in less than a year. Here are 7 Ways To Improve Your Credit in 6 Months.

7 Credit Misconceptions and Myths Debunked


I’ve heard people call the credit report the financial report card and the credit score the financial G.P.A., with the lenders being the school administrators that will ultimately approve or deny you from getting a loan/ getting into college. But, to put it simply your credit score is a three-digit number that gives the lenders an idea of how much of a risk you would be to them. The lower the number – the higher the risk, the higher the number – the lesser of a risk you would be to the lender. Here are 7 Credit Misconceptions and Myths Debunked.

Understanding IRA Secrets You Should Know These!


Retirement is coming at you more quickly than you could imagine and sadly you still don’t have your ducks lined up the way you thought you would. People are learning the hard way that you can easily outlive the money you worked so hard to save. But, you did start looking into your financial options and getting an IRA to help you prepare for retirement. You noticed that there’s a lot of fine print and did some research only to find more information that has your mind whirling. It’s okay – because here are a few IRA Secrets You Should Know.

15 Saving and Money-Making Tips for Moms!


Having kids is a full time job that requires all hands to be on deck, at all times of the day or night. So, making time to figure out how to save money or make extra money can seem like a daunting task, when it seems like you are always cleaning, cooking, feeding, breaking up fights, etc. But, if you want change to happen for your financial health, then you have to be willing to change to experience the benefits you seek. It’s going to take more than just buying a few sale items to really save money. Here are 15 Saving and Money-Making Tips for Moms.

15 Apps To Help Build Your Credit Score


You have the world in the palm of your hands. Literally. With the invention of cellular phones and now the upgrade to smart phones – most people have a phone that comes with awesome gadgets and gizmos, that most people call apps. Most people,. And with the world at your fingertips, why not use the apps to improve your financial health? There are tons of apps available for budgeting, bill reminders, paying off your debt, credit monitoring, plus most banks have their own mobile app. And if you are looking for a way to stay on top of your financial health or build it up your credit – there’s tons of apps for that.

FICO score vs FAKO score WTF? The Truth About Credit Scores


In order to make the big purchases in your life, you will need to have a pretty decent credit score – if you don’t want to be paying an intense interest rates. But, one of the unfortunate things that has happened to our generation, is that we picked up some poor credit habits and are just now realizing this and starting to rebuild. And when we go to get our credit scores, we could unknowingly be getting a bogus credit score. WTF? How did that happen? You went to check your score and it seems like the score isn’t correct. Let’s get to the truth about credit scores.

What Different Credit Scores REALLY Mean


In life, we get so many different numbers that are super important and should be able to recite like the alphabet. Your birth date, social security number, license plate number – all of those, plus your credit score is one of those numbers you should know. Especially if you ever want to become a financially responsible adult, you will need to build and maintain a healthy credit history. It’s always great to learn more about credit. But, for those that have a credit score and have no idea how to interpret the three-digit number – Here’s What Different Credit Scores Really Mean.