15 Ways to Avoid Unusual Credit Card Fees

Credit cards usually come with various fees, charges and interests. Some of them are plainly written on the credit agreement, whereas some are hidden in its terms and conditions. It is advisable to go through the fine print, and then only sign up for the card. The fees can come in the form of annual fees, cash advance fees, late payment fees, balance transfer fees, high interest rates, etc.


All these charges can be avoided if you are careful. And some of them are worth paying for, if you get something valuable. The common way of avoiding credit card fees is by finding a different card or by changing your usage habits. Apart from this, there are other ways too, through which you can avoid unusual credit card fees. We have listed 15 of them.

15 Ways To Be Credit Smart

Credit comes handy, when you know how to utilize it cleverly. It can help you to achieve your financial goals and other important aspects of your monetary life. Nowadays, a number of credit cards are available in the market but you need to decide which ones you can do without and which ones you really need. The trick is to know the reason as to why you require credit in the first place and to determine whether it will affect your finances positively or not.


We know how important your hard-earned money is for you. So, in order to make you aware about how you can use your credit smartly, while eliminating silly credit mistakes, we have listed 15 ways through which you can manage as well as use your credit wisely.

15 Credit Rights You Didn’t Know You Had

The tradition of credit is long been in existence. It is just the way of borrowing and lending has changed with time. In the former times, people took credit by keeping a mortgage and by paying interest on the principal amount. Later on, things changed with the birth of credit cards. Credit cards changed the definition of loans. Many people opted for this medium, as they thought that it is secure and safe. Moreover, taking loans became easy and quick. As loans were offered by legitimate financial institutions and banks, people trusted and relied on them to a great extent.



Credit cards and loans have become one of the most important parts of making a payment. They are used to buy anything and everything, from a house to a car, to finance a loan or to pay for education. So, it is better that you learn about your credit rights, rather than being ignorant. Even if you know about them, there are some rights that you may not know about. We have listed the 15 credit rights that you didn’t know you had.

15 Celebs Who Made The Most Money Off Endorsements


Some of the most popular brands in the world have learned that, if you attach a popular celebrity to their products and brands – money could start pouring into their pockets (depending on the celebrity). And it doesn’t matter if you are an actor, entertainer, or an athlete, people will offer you money to do anything and everything. It’s almost a double win for the celebrity. Because not only have they been selected to endorse a product due to their popularity, but they can get paid quite nicely with a big fat chunk of money to represent some of their own favorite brands and products. Here’s 15 Celebs Who Made the Most Money Off Endorsements.

15 Steps to Finding A Great Financial Advisor


Most people have no idea what it means to find a financial advisor, since a lot of people probably don’t think they can afford one. Which is false! Plus, managing your own finances has led people down a dark and scary path to bankruptcy. And by the time you need someone to keep you from getting a bankruptcy, it could be too late. Plus, an hiring an advisor or a professional that will help you navigate the investment world with your best interest in mind – could be the greatest thing to happen to you since Netflix and food being delivered. Here’s how…

How To Use Prepaid Debit Cards To Your Advantage


The idea of having a prepaid debit card became popular in the 90s, a time when qualifying for a credit card could be difficult for some. But, people were still struggling with managing all these new accounts and making responsible decisions, plus mismanaging their payments led them down the road to bankruptcy. You would think that this would slow down the growth of the prepaid debit card, but that’s not the case. Americans are not slowing down their use of these cards and they are still on the rise. So, why not learn how to use them to your advantage? Here’s how…

How to Travel the World Using Air Miles and Credit Card Points!


Just about everyone in the world loves to travel… or at least I think they should. People love to use rewards cards at the grocery store and gas station in efforts to get free groceries and gas. So, why not do the same for traveling? And for people that fly all the time, they should make sure to have some sort of travel rewards credit card to earn points and miles toward free trips. But, there’s a whole world of people who travel and have no idea how to collect points and miles to get free trips.

Here’s how…

7 Habits of Habitual Savers: Read Now Save Thousands


We all have that friend that uses their credit card like cash and still always needs to go get money from the ATM. I call this kind of friend the serial spender. But, then there’s people like my parents, spend on the important things and know that everything is not important. I call these frugal kinds, the habitual savers.

These habitual savers have saving deeply ingrained in their mind. They are disciplined and proactive in their saving habits. They completely understand the concept of when to spend and when to save. Here are 7 Habits of Habitual Savers: Read Now Save Thousands.

Do Not Get Divorced Unless You Have These 11 Finance Tips Under Control


Most people don’t get married with the thought of getting a divorce if things don’t work out right. So, when divorce does happen, people want to get it over with, as quickly as possible. But, in all actuality people should really be expecting a marathon. And with all the emotions involved with breaking up a family, there can be a lot of resentment, depression, anger and fear. And people aren’t always aware of the things they need to be aware of, because of their emotions. But, do not get a divorce unless you have these 11 finance tips under control.

15 Credit Cards with the Best Travel Rewards.. Did Yours Make the List?


People have been patiently waiting for one thing to happen more than any other… people have been waiting for summer. That’s right summer is finally back and it’s time to get out the house and get your travel on. Pack the cars, book the planes, bring the kids – it’s time to travel the world. There’s no better way to spend the summer months than traveling and creating memories. So, it’s time to find out what is the best travel credit card for you. Do you need flyer miles or hotel perks? Whatever your needs, there’s a card for you. Here’s 15 Credit Cards with the Best Travel Rewards.



Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

Whether you have excellent credit history or just good credit history, this travel card could be for you. Depending on your on your creditworthiness, your APR could be 14.99% or 18.99%. And if you are looking to do a balance transfer, it will cost you $10 or 4%, plus 0% into APR for the first 12 months. With this card, you are able to earn two miles per dollar on all purchases.