Pay Up: Celebrities Put In The Slammer For Tax Evasion  

It is not only the common man who tries to evade taxes, but some famous and well-known people also do not leave a chance to run away from paying their monies. A few of the celebrities have even landed up behind bars for dodging and ducking Uncle Sam. Even though they earn millions, still they either do not know how to manage their finances or they just extravagantly spend all the money that they earn. No matter, what their individual reasons for not paying their taxes are, it is high time that they realize their duties as a responsible citizen.

Benjamin Franklin once notably said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” It seems like some rich folks did not get that message clearly. Have a look at the 15 high profile celebrities who are put in the slammer for tax evasion. These include big names like Annie Leibovitz, Marc Anthony, and Nicolas Cage.

Credit Cards Celebrities Actually Use

Celebrities are no different than us. They are just like me and you. Even though, stars are famous and rich, they are people too. Therefore, like us they too need credit cards, in order to shop around and make purchases. They eat ice creams, go for shopping, and do many other things with their credit cards. Some celebrities have two to three credit cards, whereas some have only one. Apart from credit cards, famous folks also like to carry cash, debit cards, and gift cards in their wallet.

Rich people prefer elite credit cards that show their status. Unlike celebrities, normal people cannot afford these cards because of their high fees and unaffordable perks. It can be said that high-end credit cards are only made for wealthy people, so that they can support their lavish lifestyle. So, if you are inquisitive about what credit cards are used by celebrities and if you want to have a look inside their wallets, then go through our list of 15 celebrities who use different credit cards. These celebrities include famous athletes, actors, models, politicians, and musicians.

15 Celebrities Who Are Huge Cheapskates

Unlike common people, celebrities earn millions annually. And, they spend it like water on lavish homes, exclusive cars, and what not. However, you would not believe that there are some celebrities who have shamelessly miser spending habits. They do not spend much, save more, and are one of the worst tippers.

In this article, we have listed the 15 stars who are huge cheapskates. They pinch pennies and are reluctant to spend even a dime from their hard-earned money. Let’s have a look at these 15 celebrity Scrooges.

15 Shocking Celebs Who Went Bankrupt More Than Once

Sometimes being in the limelight takes a toll. Just because celebrities are popular and famous does not mean that they will be free of any financial troubles. Even they have their own monetary crises. Stars earn huge bucks, still they can land up in debts and go into bankruptcy. This is because they do not know how to save their money and spend it wisely. They think that from the huge piles of money, they can easily buy all the luxuries and comforts. The following 15 celebrities are prime examples of this.

We have put together a list of the top 15 stars that have filed for bankruptcy not once, but twice, thrice and so on. The list includes notable singers, entertainers, actors, and actresses. They could have gone broke because of bad breaks, bad decisions, divorce, bad investments, not paying taxes, etc. We can learn a lot of things from the financial woes of these 15 celebrities. Here are the top 15 stars that have lost millions of their hard earned money.

15 Costly Celebrity Money Mistakes

Having more money does not guarantee that you would spend it wisely. We can see this kind of behavior in a number of celebrities who may have millions of bucks, yet they do not know how to use it cleverly. With loads of wealth, stars can afford to buy the most expensive and finer things in life. But, having excessive cash also means that affluent people can make poor choices. Just because they earn lots of money, does not assure them that they necessarily know how to save, invest, and multiply that wealth.

The financial failures of some superstars make us aware of what can happen when we mismanage our cents and dollars. Here are 15 costly money mistakes committed by celebrities that have cost them millions of bucks.

15 Penny-Pinching Tips From Celebrities

Having a lot of money does not really mean that you need to spend it extravagantly. Similarly, it does not mean just because stars are famous and rich, they will be reckless with their finances. While most of the celebrities spend their money outrageously, there are some famous personalities who exercise caution and are thrifty with their money. They handle their money wisely, no matter if it’s about using coupons or staying within your budget. You will be surprised to see that your favorite A-listers, including Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, and Gwyneth Paltrow, follow some wise money-saving habits.

15 Most Thrifty Celebrities

We have always heard that we should save money and spend wisely. Although, we don’t religiously follow this, most of us do it to some extent. But, do you know that there are some celebrities who abide by this old saying. It is not necessary that fame and fortune will turn tinsel town’s stars into financial fools. And, we are not alone in this. From clipping coupons to bargain buying, some celebrities follow their own money-saving habits.

Let us look at the 15 most frugal celebrities who constantly resort to penny pinching and look for discount deals. Among them, some are Hollywood’s A-listers who are recognized for their saving habits.

Top 10 Celebrities With Bad Credit Scores

We all admire celebrities for their looks, talent, and many other things. In fact, most of us see them as our role models. We try to become like them, follow their fashion sense, adapt their looks, follow their lifestyle, and even their spending habits. However, often times we forget that celebrities are also human beings. They are not perfect and they can make mistakes. No matter how much they earn, it is not necessary that they know how to manage their finances.

And because of this, many famous personalities land up in huge debts by overrunning their income. Let us look at the top 10 celebrities who have had bad credit scores.

15 Things To Know Before You Apply For A Credit Card

You have just completed your graduation and you’re looking for your first job. As we know, with age, comes many responsibilities. Now, you know that you need to spend your money responsibly. You just can’t extravagantly use your money; as now it’s about your own hard-earned money, not just your pocket money.

Among various other major decisions, you decide to sign up for your first credit card. However, before doing that, you must know some crucial things about credit cards and their rules and regulations. Even if it’s not your first credit card, you should know what you’re getting into. So, read on and find out about the 15 things that you must know before you apply for a credit card.

15 Ways To Avoid Spending On Multiple Credit Cards

Credit card issuers and companies resort to various methods, in order to sell their cards. They spend billions to get customers to sign-up for their credit cards. Whether they take the route of psychological marketing, rewards programs, or customized cards with family photos, everything they do has the same purpose, increasing their client base. However, as users of credit cards, it all seems good at first, but at the end of the month, when your credit card bill arrives, you feel like getting rid of all the cards you possess.

Credit cards, thus act like double-edged swords. They can help you invest as well as squander your future by landing you in huge debts.Therefore, your ability to manage multiple credit cards is important. And, to get you out of this difficult lifetime mess, we have come upwith 15 ways through which you can avoid overspending on multiple credit cards; hence saving a lot of money for you and your family.