30 Facts About Jeff Bezos House

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, or simply Jeff Bezos, is an American entrepreneur best known as CEO of Amazon.

Bezos surpassed Bill Gates as the richest person in the world on July 27, 2017, only to return to the second place later in the day. Still, with a net worth of around $90 billion, Bezos has the chance to enjoy things many regular people don’t. Among them is the place where he lives, a luxurious property near Seattle where he and his family have lived for decades.


The Benefits Of Having A Chase Freedom Credit Card

Chase Freedom Credit Card… how do you recognize that name? Well, they’ve been running TV ads for a good fifteen years or so now. At the very least, that lets you know that they’ve been a fairly popular card for awhile now. But does that make it the right card for you?


Who’s it for?

The Chase Freedom Credit Card is perhaps most appealing to people looking to restore their credit score who wouldn’t mind enjoying some rewards along the way. If all you want is a bare bones cards to improve a credit score or build credit, then that will be easy enough to find, but there are relatively few cards like Chase Freedom that allow you to do that while also earning rewards.

What are the Rates and Fees?

  • APR: 15.49% to 24.24% variable
  • Balance Transfers: 0% for the first 18 months, and then it goes up to 14.24% to 24.24% variable from then on.
  • Late payment fee: Free, the first time, and then up to $37. This makes Chase Freedom a good option for first time card users who are still getting used to the idea of making their payments.
  • Annual fee: None.
  • Rewards: Up to $75/1,500 points each quarter. You typically enjoy a 1% cash back rate, but the card offers a 5% bonus in rotating categories, so you’ll want to keep an eye on their cash back calendar.

Are There Any Signup Bonuses?

Glad you asked! One of the features that has made Chase Freedom so popular is the $150 signing bonus for spending $500 in your first three months with the card. Even if all you’re doing is picking up groceries with your card, it’s easy to hit that $500 mark without overspending and collect your signing bonus. Compared to similar cards, the bonus is easier to attain and a bit more generous than usual.

The Chase Freedom credit card is a solid choice for first-time credit card holders for a number of reasons. Having your first late fee waived is a big draw, the $150 signing bonus can be a nice windfall when you need it, and the 0% balance transfer for the first 18 months is very attractive for people who don’t have a ton of extra cash to spend on managing their money.

The Benefits Of Having The BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card

Here’s the really cool thing about the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card: If you spend over a thousand dollars in your first ninety days of using the card, you get 20,000 bonus points. That’s $200 in travel points before we’ve even counted the 1.5 points you get for every dollar spent. Essentially you could be looking at a free plane ticket if you pay for gas and groceries with the card for three months. But one really great bonus is not reason enough to settle on a card, so what else does it have to offer?


Who’s it for?

Truth be told, if you don’t do your fair share of traveling then you don’t have much reason to apply for a BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card. It’s one of the better cards out there for building up travel points, and can really put a dent in your vacation or business travel costs, but not everyone will make the best use of the card.

What are the Rates and Fees?

  • APR: Varies depending on your balance. You’ll need to see terms to check what you’ll be paying.
  • Reward rate: 1.5 per $1, but this can be a bit higher depending on your balance. With a balance of $50k, for instance, you could be looking at a 2.625 percent rewards rate, placing it among the best rewards cards on the market.
  • Annual fee: None

Some users have pointed out that 1.5 points per dollar spent is a little below average, while the 2.625 percent reward for those with a $50k balance is well above average, and the 20,000 bonus points offer is among the best on the market right now. In other words, while there are better cards for those who will be maintaining a smaller balance, the card is among the very best available for frequent travelers with a healthy budget.

A Close Up Look at Some of the Most Expensive Yachts in the World

These yachts are simply jaw-dropping in their over the top extravagance. Many of them offering more amenities than some cruise ships and all of them with more space that you would find in most people’s homes! It’s not only the size and expense of these yachts but some are built for speed giving them high powered engines that allow them to travel across the sea quickly and in comfort. But what is most striking about most of these yachts is the unparalleled design elements in each room and the impeccable style that each room within these massive yachts displays.

The Serenity


The Serenity is definitely one of the most serene getaways the world has ever seen. There are several decks that ooze comfort and relaxation so that everyone on board has the trip of a lifetime.

Child Stars All Grown Up! You Won’t Believe What They Look Like Now!

These child stars graced the screen when they were just little tykes but they managed to win our hearts all the same. For some of them it was their immense talent at such a young age for others it was just the fact that they were too darn cute. All of these child stars have found their way in the world and many of them you would not recognize if you were to see them on the street.

Alisan Porter

When she was a child she got her breakout role with Curly Sue in 1991. From there she had such hits as Parenthood and Stella. She later turned to Broadway and appeared in a number of stage shows and even released a solo album in 2009. But today this beautiful star auditioned for The Voice and managed to win season 10 in 2016.

Amazing World War II Facts That Will Have You Seeing the War in a Whole New Light

World War II was a time of fear and suffering but it was also a time of innovation, endurance and the perseverance of the human spirit. These facts show just how much the soldiers fighting this brutal war had to overcome and how many of the stories have been lost to the passage of time.


The Insignia of the 45th Infantry

The insignia of the 45th Infantry Division at the time of World War 2 was actually a swastika. It was chosen as a way to represent the large Native American population that was present in the southwestern United States.

Old School Photos from Throughout History

Everyday life can be extraordinary as these photos from throughout history can attest. Some are of famous faces and places, but others are just spellbinding pictures of people going about their daily lives. One thing is for certain, each one of these pictures tells an amazing story.


This rare photo of the iconic Bridget Bardot,  driving a convertible in Saint-Tropez, France circa 1958.

Top 7 Travel Credit Cards That Can Save You Thousands

Travel credit cards are everywhere nowadays, nearly every card company is offering them and they all seem to be the same. Some offer better point rewards but a higher annual fee, others offer no annual fee but you only get decent point rewards if you have a large amount of money in your bank account. The best travel card to save you money will depend on how you plan to use it, how often you travel and who you already have accounts with.

These cards can save you thousands on travel and you can’t go wrong with any of them, so just pick the one that works best for how you travel and how you spend.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card


This card is a great option for anyone who travels frequently but isn’t brand specific. You get great rewards when you use it on dining and travel and those rewards can be transferred to wherever you need them. You can use your points toward airlines or hotels and you get an increased percentage on your reward points if you book through their rewards portal.

10 Travel Sites That Will Save You 1000s

Travel sites can be difficult to navigate. They all claim to have the best deal but can you really trust them? Some sites will claim to be the cheapest but then you go to another site and find a better deal or even get a better deal just booking through the hotel directly. With so many travel sites out there it is nearly impossible to find the one that will really get you a better deal on your vacation. However, these are ten sites that you can count on to help you get the best deal.

1.  AirBnB


AirBnB is a site that really gives you a range of options that you will not find anywhere else. It does get some bad press for sketchy rentals and other unsafe issues, but the site has worked to combat that and most of the users report loving the rooms they find. Often you can get a full home or apartment for less than the price of a hotel, and you can speak to the owner directly and get all your questions answered about the place you’ll be staying before you book. You’ll have better knowledge of your AirBnB room than you ever did of a hotel room.

Poor Credit: How To Bounce Back



If you have a low credit score, then you already know how hard it can be to qualify for simple things such as a credit card, much less more complicated loans such as an auto loan or mortgage.  For many people, bad credit can affect nearly every aspect of their lives, from how much they pay for car insurance to if they’re able to get a job.  Fortunately, there are ways to get your good credit back.  Follow these tips to get your credit score moving in the right direction.

  1. Pay your bills on time.  It may seem like a relatively small thing to do, but every late payment (even those to utility companies) can take ten points or more off of your credit score.  On the other hand, making on time payments gives you a clean credit history.  Many people report their scores going up fifty points or more after six months or more of making on time payments.
  2. Pay off your revolving debt.  A big part of your credit score is the ratio between the amount of debt you have and the amount of credit that has been extended to you.  That means that if you carry a high balance on your credit cards, your credit score will drop.  The more you pay off, the better your credit score will get.  As your score improves, you may also want to consider asking your credit card company to raise your credit limit.
  3. Wait.  If everything else fails, then you might just have to wait for the bad events to fall off of your credit reports.  Every six months the mistakes you made in the past count against you less, until they eventually stop counting.  Usually, that takes between three and seven years.  Use sites like credit agricole, credit karma, or credit one to track your credit score and see if some of those past mistakes start to fall off of your record.