15 Bankrupt Celebs


Warren Sapp

Known for his years spent in the National Football League, Warren Sapp was quite the player and quite the spender. He dealt with PNC bank in 2010, owing them over $980,000. The IRS also discovered he owed over $850,000 from 2006 and $90,000 for 2010. In 2012, Sapp finally filed bankruptcy for his business debts. The courts showed that he was $6.7 million in debt and only had $6.45 million in assets.



Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton is known for her deep, soulful voice and hit songs like Un-Break My Heart, You’re Makin’ Me High, and He Wasn’t Man Enough. More recently, she has been on her family’s reality show, Braxton Family Values since 2011. Back in 1998, she filed for bankruptcy and then she filed bank again in 2010 when she claimed to have debt as high as $50 million. In which, Braxton completed all but one of the arranged payments.