15 Bankrupt Celebs


Drake Bell

He’s much younger than the others on the list, but Nickelodeon child actor is financially stressed. Drake Bell once appeared on the Amanda Show and then earned a spinoff show called Drake & Josh. In 2007, he purchased a house for $2 million. But, Bell filed for bankruptcy in 2014, claiming his monthly expenses are over $18,000 per month, his monthly income is only $2,800 being a total of $580,000 in debt.



Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was best known for his incredible boxing ability. Now, he’s known for appearing in movies and on talk shows, with his infamous tattoo on his face. But, we also know about Tyson and his spending – from jewelry to cars to mansions to limousines, and motorcycles. Oh and don’t forget the parties and the Siberian tigers. Over the past 20 years, Tyson made $400 million, but when he filed for bankruptcy in 2003 he was $23 million in debt.